The Apex Energy Pledge

We’re different

We formed to breathe new innovative thinking into the stale Australian energy market. We are an Australian-based team of energy industry experts with over 30 years of combined industry experience.

Our vision is to demonstrate integrity, to deflate escalating prices and uncomplicate the myths in Australia’s energy landscape.

We demonstrate Integrity

We genuinely put the customer’s needs first.

We live and breathe ‘Power of Choice’

We invest in renewable energy to benefit our planet and the future of our communities.

We uncomplicate myths

We untangle the industry jargon and we speak normally.

We credit our customers with intelligence and educate you to manage your own usage.

We oppose outdated thinking

We breathe new innovative thinking into the energy market:

  • we question traditional practices to determine new best practice in a new world that include renewable energy sources, smart technology and remote monitoring

  • we ask ‘why not’ instead of ‘why’

  • we listen to you and welcome your opinion

We oppose excessive charges

We believe in transparency in prices and billing

We keep our costs simple and clear so you can avoid unnecessary charges:

  • We replaced peak vs off peak with one easy-to-follow tariff

  • We pass on supplier charges without a mark-up for meter reading

  • We believe you are free to choose and opt in or out as you please.