Why us?

Control your energy needs

Apex Energy empowers you and your local community to manage your own energy needs. We give our customers more control over the way their electricity is generated and paid for.

Here’s how:

  • State of the art ‘smart meters’, smart design and education help you to control your impact on urban and commercial living

  • Cost savings are passed on immediately from our bulk energy purchasing

  • Flexible to scale up as developments and communities expand

  • Opt in and out is easy, giving you freedom to choose and move as you wish

Our tenants and residents trust our smart-meters and insights, no-fuss installation, transparent pricing and savings at every step.

Body corporate and developer partners rely on our exemplary service, tailored energy solutions and energy savings to keep at the forefront of development and deadlines.

Apex Energy helps you understand and adapt your energy use today to start seeing savings tomorrow.

Apex Energy specializes in efficient energy supply for ‘large user groups’ that we call communities. A community can be a number of businesses such as shopping centres, universities or retirement villages or high-density residential units.

We collate your collective community needs then we purchase bulk energy at the most competitive market price. We use our power to negotiate with energy retailers for your whole community so individuals don’t need to.

The bulk energy we purchase supplies a community ‘parent meter’ with energy, which acts like a ‘gate’ or ‘gatekeeper’. The parent meter then supplies every tenant or business with energy to their own smart meter. You still have individual freedom at all times plus the collective community benefit.

We know that urban life can be isolating, so harness your collective community power today.

Our ‘Apex Pledge’ mandates that we always pass the savings on to each individual tenant and the greater community.

Here’s how you benefit from great pricing:

  • ‘bulk-buy’ energy savings are passed to you and the entire community throughout your partnership with Apex Energy.

  • we offer one easy-to-follow tariff to replace complicated peak and off peak tariffs

  • your smart meter shows the energy demands of your equipment. Choosing when to switch off non-critical appliances can generate savings.

Opting in and out is also easy, giving you freedom to choose a new supplier or move energy suppliers as you wish. We believe in helping your business and household, not forcing you to stay.

We want our exemplary service to be so smooth you don’t even notice it.

Our experienced installers and trusted partners deliver no-fuss installation at any scale. You’re in control and informed at every step. We work with your deadlines and build times and will never impose our schedule upon you.

Our installation team sets up the parent meter and then smart meters for each tenant. We use our smart technology remotely to analyse usage across all communities. So we learn and share the best ways to manage energy demand fluctuations and ease the energy burden of urban living and business.