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When did energy supply get so complicated? And so inflexible? Australia’s energy industry is evolving rapidly, impacted every day by how we all live, the types of energy we use and how we monitor it.

Apex Energy understands. Together we can make it simple.

We harness your community power to give you the best combined energy services, design and pricing. We purchase the best bulk energy prices to minimise costs for your entire community.

We are a nimble embedded network operator and fully licensed retailer who empowers you to manage your own or group energy needs with smart technology. Our ‘Apex Pledge’ promises accountability for our actions.

We are committed to listening and helping you and your community to understand.

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Why us?

Apex Energy empowers you and your local community to manage your own energy needs. We give our customers more control over the way their electricity is generated and paid for.

Here’s how:

  • State of the art ‘smart meters’
  • Cost savings are passed on immediately from our bulk energy purchasing
  • Flexibility to scale up as developments and communities expand
  • Opting in and out is easy

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Apex Energy helps you understand and adapt your energy use today to start seeing savings tomorrow. Harness your collective community power today.

Great pricing

We pass savings on to each individual tenant and the greater community.

Here’s how you benefit:

  • Bulk-buy energy savings are passed to you and the entire community
  • We offer one easy-to-follow tariff
  • We eliminate the excessive, hidden or sneaky fees often seen in the energy industry
  • Your smart meter allows you to choose when to switch off non-critical appliances to generate savings

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How energy works

Apex Energy strives to be your first choice to deliver electrical energy to your building complexes and communities. We’re a flexible new operator who talks a modest game but delivers big every time.

The market for energy is dominated by massive corporates who have been around for a long time.

They don’t mind laying down their legacy and rules of engagement. Apex Energy sees a huge need to de-mystify the myths – and escalating prices – of this energy landscape.

We’re different. We’re one of a few embedded network operators who is flexible, talented and full of integrity. We listen to your concerns. We discuss your needs and we build market-leading designs that are effective for both parties.

Say goodbye to complicated installations, sullen contractors and no-shows, complex billing and escalating prices. Together we can make energy simple, effective and affordable.

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