We make energy simple

Apex Energy strives to be your first choice to deliver electrical energy to your building complexes and communities. We’re a flexible new operator who talks a modest game but delivers big every time.

The market for energy is dominated by massive corporates who have been around for a long time. They don’t mind laying down their legacy and rules of engagement.

Apex Energy sees a huge need to de-mystify the myths – and escalating prices – of this energy landscape. We’re different. We’re one of a few embedded network operators who is flexible, talented and full of integrity. We listen to your concerns. We discuss your needs and we build market-leading designs that are effective for both parties.

Say goodbye to complicated installations, sullen contractors and no-shows, complex billing and escalating prices. Together we can make energy simple, effective and affordable.

In industry-speak we are an ‘embedded network’ operator, which means we purchase bulk energy to feed into one ‘parent’ meter embedded into a community.. This ‘parent’ meter then feeds individual smart meters for every tenant or resident.

We’re also a fully license energy retailer so can pass directly onto our customers the benefits we receive from industry regulation and offers.

We assess the community’s total energy needs and then we design a best-practice solution to supply the community ‘leader’ and then each tenant with energy. This removes the need for every tenant to negotiate individual needs direct with energy retailers.

After we assess the community’s needs we purchase bulk buy energy at the best price. We then distribute energy across the embedded network of individual tenants.
We continually analyse usage across communities to manage energy demand fluctuations and ease the energy burden of urban living and business.

Our Apex Pledge mandates that we always pass the savings back to each individual tenant and the greater community.

Traditionally coal has been the major energy source in Australia to convert to electricity. Thankfully, reliance on fossil fuels is reducing along with the pressure on traditional infrastructure of poles and wire and cables.

Solar and wind – and even batteries – are growing sources of renewable energy in Australia, increasing fast from a small base. Supply of renewable energy can ‘leapfrog’ the old expensive infrastructure, usually at a much cheaper cost. So every serious energy operator and retailer who is invested in long-term success in Australia’s energy future is starting to source or invest in renewable energy.

Just like our exemplary installation service we want our billing to be so smooth you don’t even notice it. Our goal is to deliver bills that are easy to follow, transparent and informative.

However if you do have questions, our Customer Helpline are a call away. Our assistants are based in Australia and able to assist you with every question. No question is too small or foolish.

Ask our advice today. Call us on 1800 921 522

It sounds simple enough … you’re a customer of a service with the freedom to opt in or out of services as you please. Right?

Unfortunately not. Until recently, in Australia’s traditional energy landscape this hasn’t always been the case. So “Power of Choice” became a legislated mandate by the Australian Government to ensure energy customers receive fair pricing, avoid excessive increases and are allowed easy transition in and out of Energy provider contracts.

Commencing on 1st December 2017, Power of Choice rules that – amongst many rules – customers who find themselves within an embedded network operation are allowed to choose an alternative energy retailer for themselves. This is the main rule for embedded network operators such as Apex Energy and personally, we couldn’t be happier!

Power of Choice is in our DNA. It’s central to our Apex Pledge, our pricing policies, our Customer Service, and our every offer. Apex Energy also provides customers access to Ombudsman schemes and hardship policies and concession discounts (where eligible) as we’re an embedded network operator and a fully licensed retailer. Apex Energy is also bound by the full National Energy Market rules, conditions and legislation.

Power of Choice is a raft of regulatory changes in the energy industry.

Key points for embedded network customers include:

  • customers have the freedom to move out of their embedded network retail deal and choose any energy retailer – including retailers that are not embedded network suppliers

  • Embedded network operators need to appoint an Embedded Network Manager whose role is to assist the customer with moving to the retailer of their choice

  • Ready access to Ombudsman schemes and hardship policies and concession discounts for those eligible

We want you to stay with Apex Energy because you choose to, not because you can’t leave.

Together we can make this simple.